I've been seeing a lot of pictures, posts, and results from the new trend: 21 Day Fix. From what I can tell, it is a way of reteaching your body how much food and what types of foods it actually needs to survive. Portion Control. We constantly over eat and we all know we aren't over eating broccoli and asparagus... it's the pizza, fried stuff and sweets that we all crave. You are also supposed to pick one of the several work outs to do each day. All of this combined for 21 days is said to be able to change to course of our life.. if you commit to it and allow it to work. It takes 21 days to change a bad habit. Change what food your body craves. Rewire your body from being lazy to wanting to be active. 

My poor husband gets a proposal from me about once a month as I start to learn about new "fad diets" or "change your life" trends. "Garrett, I really think this one will work for me. It seems so easy. Can I just just order it??" And with our budget, the response is always the same. "Whatever you want sweetheart, but let's put it on next month's budget." Boom. Gets me every time because by the time we make our budget for the next month I have already forgotten about last month's trend and am now looking for something else I can do. And the cycle continues :)  

So naturally, when I head about the 21 Day Fix I thought - "What a great idea. I'l spend hundreds of dollars on teaching myself portion control and how to work out." (of course, I am writing it as if I said it sarcastically, but for real I did think it would be a great idea...and kind of still do ;) ) So, again with the budget, I decided I would by pass the "actual 21 Day Fix" and not spend the money and just try and focus on portion control what I am putting into my body (no chemicals, no preservatives, little sugar - I know I should cut that out altogether.. I'm getting there..) and working out. As I mentioned before, I hear this can change your life. But really. Will your physical appearance alone change your life? I do think it could change aspects of your life. The way you feel. The way you look. Your confidence. These areas are all important. But I'm wanting more than that. I not only want to allow my body to reach it's peak physical condition and for the first time am conscience about actually wanting to be healthy more than just 'losing weight' (I loved the quote a friend posted a few months ago "Maybe we should start counting chemicals rather than counting calories" - So true people, we are literally poisoning ourselves with the stuff we are eating. Thanks Ashley W.!) I also know that with becoming healthy I will have more energy and feel better - I have always had tons of energy but why not add some more? It can't hurt, right? 

I want to not only achieve the 'rewiring of my body' but I want to rewire my mind. my spirituality. my faith. Therefore, I will start this "21 day fix" and add a few more steps. 

I will be conscience of chemicals. Of how much I am eating. What foods I am eating. Making sure I am working out. I will commit to reading my bible again everyday. Setting time aside to have quiet time. Pause this crazy thing we call life and pray to The One who knows our every move. 

"Faith is like a muscle that grows stronger through exercise. And the exercise that builds a vibrant faith is the stress of facing daily circumstances with confidence in God." (The Daily Walk Bible)

As I begin this life changing 21 days, God gave me the story of Joseph. Genesis 37-50 recounts Joseph's life, which easily could have been a story of revenge and ended up being everything but. After being sold into slavery by his own brothers, imprisoned for serval years and then brought out of prison to work alongside the Pharaoh, he held his position of power directly beneath Pharaoh and came in contact with his brothers, who could have been blamed for years of heartache. Instead, he acknowledged the work of God, "But don't be angry with yourselves that you did this to me, for God did it." (Gen. 45:5) 

I will read. I will pray. I will study people like Joseph and I will try to grow a faith like Joseph's. 

Here's to the new me! 
Elyse House
4/11/2014 07:51:49

I love your blogs! :)

Becky Hennesy
4/12/2014 01:20:56

Amen. Me, too.

Andrea Ross
4/12/2014 02:51:22

Your words make the hard thing so simple -- thank you.


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